Merlin's Chosen Series

Merlin's Chosen Book 1 Rise of the Wyvern

Chandra Strandon has just had her seventeenth birthday and she must now contend with the fact that she had moved to a cave in the midst of the Grand Canyon, a clan of dragons, and the fate of the world resting on her shoulders. 


Oh and she's also found out she's a sorceress, perhaps the most powerful sorcerer ever to be born and the answer to a prophecy foretold by Merlin long ago. Chandra may be the only hope left to save the last of the dragons from their enemies known as the wyvern, horrid, nasty, beasts bent on ruling the world. Led by the evil Theryn.


As if Chandra doesn't have enough to deal with, working for the wyvern is Chase Ivers. A boy, who is not only good looking, makes her heart go pitter-patter, but tries to kill her every time they meet. 


What's a girl to do? 

Merlin's Chosen is available in paperback for $8.99, Kindle and ebook are both $6.99. I'm now able to do the ebook formats thanks to a site suggested to me by another author.


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Merlin's Chosen Book 2 Dragon's War, Love's Battle


The Chosen are back and ready for battle. This time Theryn has brought friends, human friends, to battle on his side. His three new sorcerer friends nearly destroy Chandra the first time they battle.


The three new arrivals are powerful, evil to the core and they carry a secret Chandra’s father doesn’t want to share. A secret even Theryn doesn’t know. The three will do whatever it takes to destroy the Chosen.


Merlin has even thrown a new prophecy into the mix just to make things even more confusing. A prophecy that will pull another of Chandra’s small family into the war, making things more dangerous for those she cares for.


Join the Chosen, dragons and their friends as they battle to keep Theryn from destroying the last of the dragon clans so he can rule the world. 


Merlin's Chosen book 2 is available through Amazon in paperback for $11.99. It is also available in both Kindle and Nook for $9.99

Merlin's Chosen Book 3 Final Stand


Now that Chandra’s cousins are gone, everyone believes they can fight Theryn and his army more easily. He has improved the skills of his hatchlings with spells and they are a more formidable force. Yet, with no magical help on his side, everyone is breathing a sigh of relief.


Until the day, two new sorcerers appear and join Theryn’s team. They seem harmless enough, but appearances can be deceiving.


The slim, cigarette smoking, Risleigh nabs Chandra from right beneath Chase’s nose. Disappearing into the night without a trace and suddenly he’s much more menacing than they realized. Frightening Chandra, more than her cousins ever could.


She realizes Risleigh and his companion aren’t at all what they seem.


With no way to track the spell that he used to take her, could this finally be the end of the Chosen.

Merlin's Chosen book 3 is available through Amazon in paperback for $13.99. It is also avaiable on Kindle and Nook for $11.99

Merlin's Chosen Book 4 Children of the Chosen

Years have passed since the Chosen defeated the wyvern. Now that Chandra and Chase's twins are nearly seventeen, they are close to receiving their powers. 

On the evening of their birthday, Merlin visits Chandra with a new prophecy.

Danger is approaching and in order to defeat it, their children must fight in the upcoming battle. Jason must pass Excalibur to his son, Gavin, and a mysterious guardian will appear to watch over them. 

It seems as if their defeat is assured. The children have minimal training and the danger is closer than they think. 

Can they prevail once again or is the end of the Chosen?

Merlin's Chosen book 4 is available through Amazon in paperback for $10.99. It is also available on Kindle and Nook for $8.99. 

Merlin's Chosen Book 5 Risleigh's Return

Risleigh Caulfield is back, but he isn’t back for Chandra, someone wants him dead, and the Ivers family are the only ones he trusts enough to ask for help. His fear that he’ll hurt Chandra sends him to her son, Kennon, for help.



Ken only knows the basics of what happened between Risleigh and his mother during the war with the wyvern, it’s enough for him to harbor a deep hatred for the man. At his mother’s insistence, he agrees to help, but he isn’t happy about it.



Together the two will travel a winding road to solve the mystery of who wants Risleigh dead, bad enough to summon demons to do their dirty work. Their journey takes Risleigh down memory lane, forcing him to think about all the evil he’s done.



Will they be able to work together to solve the mystery or will Ken’s hatred overrule his desire to help as he promised his mother he would?

Merlin's Chosen book 5 is available through Amazon in paperback for $10.99. It is also available on Ebook and Kindle for $8.99. 

Merlin's Chosen Book 6 Behind The Glass

Meiying Lynch’s focus is on college, finishing and becoming a lawyer. Nowhere in her plan is there room for anything besides her classes and job.

Certainly not a boyfriend and definitely not trouble.

After purchasing an antique mirror at a junk shop near campus it seems as if trouble is all she has.

Threats from the shop owner’s grandson. An attack that leaves her bruised, bloody, and dazed.

Her only support is her best friend, Alastrina Ivers and Ali’s fiancé, Nick Halden.  

Then there’s her attraction to the shop’s handyman, Bennett Calverley that makes her confused and wary.

Is there something sinister lurking behind the glass of the mirror waiting to wake?

Merlin's Chosen book 6 is available through Amazon in paperback for $9.99. It is also available on Ebook and Kindle for $7.99. 

Chosen Book 7 thumbnail.jpg
Merlin's Chosen Book 7 From the Shadows

Chandra’s cousin, Kavaugn Salvagius, is attempting to move away from the evil that consumed his life for far too long. He’s trying to forget, not only his dead siblings but his work for the wyvern during the war.

Kav has settled in Perth, Australia and started over. He’s happy with the way his life is turning out. Happy to forget everything about his past.

Until he meets Danikah Dane.

Dani is everything he’d want in a woman, but he’s sworn never to inflict his past on anyone. Especially a woman.

Dani has a past of her own and it’s about to catch up to her in a big way.

When he sees the danger she’s in, will Kav be able to resist the temptation to be her knight in shining armor?

Merlin's Chosen book 7 is available through Amazon in paperback for $15.99. It is also available on Ebook and Kindle for $13.99. 

Chosen book 8 KINDLE cover.jpg
Merlin's Chosen Book 8 Programmed

Brandissa Caulfield is tough, independent, and an undercover agent for the government’s anti-terrorism unit. She has never bowed to anyone. Ever.

When her parents are kidnapped, she’s forced to steal a program from a civilian programmer to save them.


Treavor Davis makes things easy for her, an open door allows her into his home and the program isn’t protected.

Treavor would be happy if Brandi got out of his life for good, he doesn’t need distractions. Especially from a woman who makes him feel, emotions destroy and he has no use for them.

They must learn to work together to discover the secret behind who has taken her parents, but will he be able to ignore his growing feelings for her? 

Merlin's Chosen book 8 is available through Amazon in paperback for $13.99. It is also available on Ebook and Kindle for $11.99. 

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