Merlin's Chosen

I've created this page to introduce you to the two main characters from the series. Chandra Strandon and Chase Ivers.

Chandra Strandon is seventeen when she discovers she's a sorceress and she and her mother move to a cave in the Grand Canyon. No, they aren't getting back to nature, they live with a bunch of dragons. With Chandra's help (according to a prophecy foretold by Merlin) she and the dragons will save the world from the dragons' enemies, the wyvern. 

Chase Ivers is seventeen, he should be attending high school and going on dates. Instead, he's spent the last two years of his life in servitude to the wyvern. Hunting down the Chosen Child. And now they've found her. His job is to end her.


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© 2012 by Victoria Kaer