Regulated and Liberated Duality

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The world has changed. Nearly a hundred years ago, a virus, and the subsequent vaccine meant to treat it, wiped out much of the world's population, leaving most of the women sterile. Those still able to reproduce now give birth to children with malformations and diseases. All babies are given a bar code by the government, boys are stamped with a job classification and girls with a classification based on their suitability to procreate.


One government regulates the people of the world, one man, President Marat Firas, runs the lives of every person on the planet.


Rebellion is brewing among the people and the rebels, led by Katherine Wade and her father, may have found the one man that could free the world from the effects of the virus.


The question is:


Will he fight with them or against them?

Regulated is available in both Kindle and other ebook formats for $11.99 It is also available in paperback through Amazon for $13.99.

Regulated is also available in print in a version that is easily readable for those with dyslexia. In a font called Open Dyslexic. It is available through Amazon for $17.99.   


War is brewing between President Firas and the Rebels. The President wants to teach Micah a lesson for stealing Katie away from him.

Micah is determined to show the President that she was never his in the first place.

The President’s assistant, Timothe Berkin, has plans all his own. He could care less about the feud between Firas and Micah.

Lurking in the shadows, watching over Micah and the Rebels, passionate about keeping them safe and alive, is Marsden Schell.

Marsden knows Micah must live, because through his veins runs the only hope for the future of their world, and he’ll be damned if he’s going to let Firas and his lackey, Timothe, win this fight.

Despite Marsden’s determination to win this war, he hopes to remain hidden in the shadows away from the Rebels. There are a few secrets he’s been hiding these last few years that are about to complicate things—for everyone.

Before everything is said and done, the situation is going to get hairy … Marsden, and his secrets, will no longer remain hidden. Kelsey’s father is going to have a lot of explaining to do.

Liberated is available in  Kindle and Ebook for  $13.99. It is also available in paperback through Amazon for $15.99. 

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