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What readers are saying about Merlin's Chosen

The Characters put a spell on me and I loved every minute of it! Victoria creates a mondern-day magical world that delights the mind and the heart.

Kris McMahon


Get ready to ignore your husband, the kids, and the house! I couldn't put this book down!

Brandy Tuckness

What readers are saying about Regulated

I love this book! The book had a great story line and was written well. Instead of knowing the main characters and plot right at the beginning you had to keep reading to find out and in doing so it keeps you intrigued! ... What I especially loved about the characters was that even if you have faults you can overcome it and fight until the end with strength and hope. It was a great message they gave.

Sophia F


This book was fantastic! It was entertaining and mysterious! The characters and the plot are well thought out and interesting. It was very well written and detailed. Love it! I'm planning on re-reading it soon!

Brooke D

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